What is Social Media Management?

This is Part 1 of our 5 part series What We Do. All posts will be linked at the bottom so you won’t miss any of the information.

Quick, Before We Begin

Before we dive into today’s topic let me just quickly introduce what this series is about. When people ask what our business is and we say, “Social media managing,” a lot of times they say, “Oh, ok,” and then just smile.


It sounds like a gimmick or nonsense even. Truly it is a legit thing though! So we want to use this series of blogs to detail it out. Because really this is something every single business should be doing. If you’re not on top of your social media managing and marketing then you are just leaving money on the table.

Let’s Get Started

Social Media Managing

Routine Posting Content When and Where it Matters

Routine posting and updating your social media platforms are vital to be successful online. But it is also very time-consuming. If you are just starting out on social media or are under several thousand followers then you should be posting once to several times a week. As you grow you should increase your posting to at least once a day. And that is just on Facebook! Really and truly you should be on two to three different platforms. (Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter are some of the biggest). And each one of these has their own “culture” meaning what they are good for and how the followers like to see posts.

What do I mean when I say engaging?

Engagement on social media is when people react/”like”, comment, and/or share your posts. Why is engagement important? There are two main reasons I think engagement is very important. First, the magical algorithms …

I’m just kidding, they’re not magic. But they are finicky, always changing, and different on each platform. Algorithms are what determine who sees what and when. The more engagements you get, the more the algorithms like you, and the more they will show your posts to other/more people.

So, say you have 300 followers on your page but you only post once a month or so. When you do post, only about a dozen of your followers end up seeing it. That is because of the algorithms. The answer is to post more.

But you can’t just post anything.

This is where we go back to your ideal client. What do they want to see? We’ll get into this in more depth later in the series but I’ll go ahead tell you, they want to be entertained. Entertain them and connect with them enough and you will be cultivating a genuine relationship with them.

routine posting on social media

If you do this right you will have tons of followers that want to connect with you, trust you, and give you their business.

Now, it is totally possible for you to do all this posting yourself or with some of your employees. And we are more than happy to tell you how. But in all honesty, it takes a good chunk of time. If you let us help you we have programs that allow us to schedule weeks and months at a time. And we have content libraries that we are constantly adding to. So you will have consistent, reliable, and relatable content to engage your audience, increase your sales, and build your following. Our programs also have powerful analysis tools that are able to determine the optimal days and times to post to your platforms.

Routine Posting is Key

I hope I have impressed upon you the importance of consistent, engaging, and across-the-board posts to social media. In this day and age, people want that connection, your clients and customers want that connection. Whether it’s with us or not, get posting folks and keep it up! Set a goal to post a minimum number of times a week and then stick to it and keep the sales posts to just once a week max. Growing your business through social media is a slow game at first, it takes time to build trust but it is worth the time and effort.

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Next time we’ll delve more into the content itself!

what is social media managing

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