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In the last post, we talked about how important it is to routinely engage with your audience (your followers, clients, and customers) on social media.  Across-the-board content means varying your posts via entertainment, inspiration, information, and other personal and business-related content.  The reason you want to reach your audience this way is to connect with them and garner some trust. Curious what that actually looks like? We’re going to break it down for you and give some examples. Let’s get started!

Across-the-Board Content


This one is the easiest and most fun honestly.  Remember we mentioned last time that people are on social media mainly for entertainment. This is where you can have a lot of fun. You can post funny memes, Gifs, funny and/or uplifting videos.  These are the posts that will likely get some of the most engagement because they are just so easy to connect with. Don’t forget, likes, comments, and shares are the goal you’re shooting for. The more engagement means the more the algorithms will work for you.  Feel free to infuse your own personality a bit. But be aware, make sure you stay away from religious, political, and controversial topics here.  (Unless of course this describes your business and you know for sure that your audience will connect with it). 

There is a plethora of content that will resound with anyone but you can use things that are a little more targeted to your industry too. Use entertainment posts multiple times a week and on some platforms multiple times a day. The Gif and meme below are two very broad examples of entertainment content. A TGIF post is always a great go-to. And commentary on the heat right now is a guaranteed kindred feeling!



Everybody loves to be inspired and quotes are a great way to do that. However, you can’t just type out a quote and expect a lot of response.  People, especially those on social media, are very visually stimulated so it’s best to work with that.  When you find a great quote that inspires you or pertains to your audience, get a great background and put the quote on that in an interesting and easily readable font.  We love to use the site Pablo to put these great posts together. They have pre-generated quotes like the one I used below but you can also find your own. Google is a great way to find quotes that you know will inspire your audience.


Another option for inspirational posts is to share a story. Either from your personal or business life/goals/struggles or from one of your employees or even another client. These are phenomenal posts to connect and build trust. Just be sure to post with a picture! If you just absolutely cannot get a selfie or picture of someone in the story then use a photo site. A couple of sites that we really like a lot are Pexels and Unsplash.


Another fantastic inspirational post is to share a video. Some of my favorite sites/pages to share from are The Dodo and LadBible. These are typically feel-good and cute video sources. Two to three inspirational posts a week is a good number to go with.

inspiration across-the-board content

More Across-the-Board Content

These first two areas of content – entertainment, and inspiration – are very similar in their purposes. Neither tries to directly funnel your clients to sales or signups or whatever your call-to-action is.  They are simply offering up some fun and value to your audience. There’s no action required from your followers that would take them off the platform such as clicking on a blog post.  The next kind of content is more of a bridge to awareness of your business. Let’s look at how.


Posting informational content should be a good resource and value for your audience.  This is where it really helps to know who your ideal client is.  You need to know what they value, what they are looking for, what problems they want to solve and how all of that ties into your service or product.  For example, if you own a lawn service you aren’t stuck just posting about lawn care.  Your posts can range from gardening to DIY home improvements because you know the majority of your clients will be homeowners.  So this is where you’ll want to think outside the box while keeping everything in a sphere that pertains to your business. 

Keep It Balanced

Make sure you are sprinkling in infographics (see example below, this particular graphic is great for Pinterest), blog posts, videos, etc. that do pertain to your specific industry. This is also where you can get personal, for example, make a video. Customers love inside looks into the businesses they support. These videos can be a quick thirty seconds, a five-minute edited video, or something longer and more in-depth. Just remember to keep it balanced.  The point is to make them aware of you and your business but not to annoy them with tons of the same content.  Informational posts are good a couple of times a week but it really depends on how many followers you have.

information across-the-board content


Here’s where you can shine the spotlight on you and your business.  With that said, as long as you have put in the time and effort on all the above categories of content then these types of posts should be very successful. Once you have made a connection with your followers and grown their trust they will actually want to support you and your business. There are more creative ways to go about this than just the hard sell.  We like to use Canva and Picmonkey to make graphics featuring your brand, products, specials, and more.  Here are some examples of specials and sales.  Again, because it’s important not to burn your followers out, you want to keep these kinds of posts to once every week or two. 

branded across-the-board content

Takeaway Thought of Across-the-Board Content

Keep in mind, the idea is to always give your audience more value than you’re asking from them.  If you are going to have a “call-to-action” post once a week or so, then you need several posts that are purely fun or helpful.  Across-the-board content builds trust and cultivates that genuine relationship we’ve talked about.  That way your followers actually want to check out what you have for them. Being this mindful encourages clients to take a chance on you and your product.

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This is part 2 of our series What We do, read the rest of the series linked below.

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