Welcome to Part 3 in our What We Do series – an inside look into what we do for your small business. (Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them. All posts in this series will be linked at the bottom of this post.) In this post, we’re going to talk about genuine engagement on social media with your audience.

What is Genuine Engagement?

We’ve mentioned genuine engagement before but I want to really break that down with you here. Afterward, you’ll understand why it is so important to post more than just your hours of operation or more than a few random times a month. What you need to understand is that when you are reaching out to potential clients, customers, or followers on social media you are working on building a relationship with them. This is true with any business interactions, it’s called customer service. However, when it comes to social media a good, entertaining, valuable, and consistent relationship is imperative if you are going to get and maintain your audience’s business.

How is Engagement Different on Social Media

As we talked about before in Routine Posting and Across-the-Board Content, it is essential that you know what your ideal client is interested in, what they value, and what problems they want solved. In a later post, we’ll share with you how we can help you figure these things out. Once you have a good grasp on your ideal client then curate and create posts with them in mind.

Curate vs. Create

You’ll see these terms throughout working with us so we want to make sure you know what they mean. Curated is content that is already made, all we have to do is find it and share it. Memes, Gifs, videos, blogs, etc. are all examples of curated content. Created is content that you or we make. So, blogs that you’ve written, graphics with your brand, videos of you or your business, etc. Curated is quick and easy to find and can be used in bulk. Created takes much more time and effort and since it is directly related to your business, it won’t be used quite as often.

How do I Engage Genuinely?

genuine engagement social media

People are on social media for entertainment first and foremost. And they can smell a fake and will shut you out if you come off that way. All it takes is a little click of the hide or unfollow or worse, the block button. So have some fun with your audience and give them posts they want to see. Give them posts that they want to “like” and share. You especially want to give them posts that they can comment on. And this is where the engagement gets genuine. When someone comments (or messages), REPLY! Always reply, especially if they have a question but even if it’s just to say “thanks”. Get on there and interact with your audience.

What’s the Point?

Followers on social media are fiercely loyal. Having said that, if you have done everything we talked about – posting routinely, using content that is across-the-board, and are genuinely engaging with your audience, you WILL gain their trust. That means you’ll have their loyalty. They will want to give you and your product or service a chance. What’s more, they will want to keep coming back. Also, they will want to share your business with others. Baker Media specializes in small businesses, we know that small businesses rely on and succeed with a base of clients that are loyal and spreading the word.

Social Listening for Genuine Engagement on Social Media

One service we offer is Social Listening. That means we handle comment replies, answering questions, responding to messages so that you have more time for your job and life. In addition, we also search out any other mentions of you on the internet and social media. We comment on those mentions and if there are any issues we make you aware. It’s a powerful and invaluable tool to have. For instance, if someone has left you a bad review on Yelp we’ll see it, let you know and help you reach out to resolve whatever the issue was. This gives you not just a better review but a chance to make a repeat customer for life!

Final Thoughts on Genuine Engagement

genuine engagement social media

Try not to lose sight of the ultimate goal – a happy audience full of repeat customers willing to support your business. Keep them in the forefront of your mind when posting and make it a priority to interact with them on a regular and genuine basis. Be sure to sign-up for our free 30 Day Social Media Content Calendar. This will help you consistently post with different kinds of content and provide you with opportunities to genuinely engage with your audience.

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