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Social Media Management

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Our Social Media Management Service brings new life to your online presence. We build brand awareness, grow relationships with social listening, and increase website traffic.

Social Listening

Social Listening is so important for customer service and maintaining your reputation. Baker Media will monitor your accounts so that you never miss a complaint or compliment again. All your customer queries will be answered, and any serious complaints forwarded to the correct departments.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is increasing followers by exposing your brand to your followers on social media either by word of mouth or by customer referrals. Our social media management services will put your brand in front of your customers.

Increasing Web Traffic

Increasing Web Traffic is a crucial step in directing your traffic closer to the bottom of the buyers funnel. It will influence leads, sales, or other conversions important to your bottom line. We will create monthly campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

Find out more about what we do and how we do it by reading our blog series “What We Do“.


Sales Funnel

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Customers Influenced

About one in three (34%) small businesses eschew a presence on social media—this despite the fact that more than half (57%) of consumers say they’d be somewhat or very influenced to think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments or praise online. – DMNews

Social Media is Critical

96% of survey participants use social media marketing, and 92% of those agree or strongly agree with the phrase, “Social media marketing is important for my business.” – Social Media Examiner

Increased Exposure

Even though “increased exposure” is more difficult to measure than a metric like traffic or bounce rate, marketers and small business owners rank it the number-one benefit of marketing on social media. – Social Media Examiner

Facebook Dominates

The majority of respondents carry out social media marketing on Facebook. The chart below shows that 93% use Facebook, ahead of Twitter at 79%. In the coming year, 62% of respondents plan to increase their use of Facebook for marketing purposes. Sixty-six percent will increase Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn activity. –Social Media Examiner

Social Media Advertising

Globally, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook. (Facebook, 2019) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

1.56 billion active users log onto Facebook every day. (Zephoria, 2019) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Baker Media understands the value of a dollar and will get you the most for the dollars spent toward your advertising goals. As an add on to Social Media Management or a stand-alone service, we will provide you company with RESULTS.

Our fee to manage your social media advertising accounts start at $100 per month. Understand this is just our fee to manage your accounts and not actual ad spend. We will not bill you for monies spent towards your advertising campaign. We simply manage your existing account. If you don’t have an account, we will assist you in getting one set up. We advise that you have at least $100/mo set aside for advertising. The more you spend, the more results you will get.

Social Media Advertising can compliment our SMM (Social Media Management) services. We even that some packages that include both. That is how important we believe advertising on social media is. If you are looking for results, we can get them for you!

Social Media Advertising Examples

Mobile Advertising on Facebook:

Desktop Advertising on Facebook:

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