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Web Care Plans

Worry-Free Care Plans so you can get on with your work!
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Our WordPress Care Plans take care of all your website needs so you can get on with your work.

Not only will we build your custom WordPress website, but we will also care for it after. With our WordPress Care Plans, we will take on the hard part of maintaining a website,  allowing you to get on with your life and your business.

WordPress requires core updates (the main operating system of the software) in order to keep your site functioning properly. Plug-ins and themes installed are updated periodically as well. These updates are critical to continue functioning. Most business owners don’t have the time to dedicate to making sure this is done. That is why Baker Media offers the following WordPress Care Plans. We will make sure your site is running smoothly on a daily basis.

Baker Media provides security, uptime monitoring, and daily/weekly backups. Your site should be backed up often. If it is ever hacked, or goes down for another reason, we can easily restore your site back to its previous version.

We didn’t build your site? That’s okay. We will still monitor it. Contact us today to get a quote on site migration.

Care Plan Pricing

Which plan is best for me?

Hosting Only

This plan is self-explanatory. We only host your WordPress site but do nothing else with it. You will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of your site.

Basic WordPress Care Plan

Our Basic Care plan is great for small, brochure-like sites that do not receive a lot of traffic. With this plan we keep your site updated, safe and secure. We also back it up weekly.

Premium WordPress Care Plan

Our premium care plan is suited for those that have lots of traffic or have little to no knowledge in managing their sites. This is perfect for those that have a larger site and want the most support we can give.

Connect with us and we'll chat through what you need.

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